Let’s hear it for Neon

I love Neon. And it seems that my friends love a bit of neon too.

Neon says summer, youth and fun. As we all (generalisation but hopefully justified) want to be a bit younger/relive our youths with the knowledge we now have, then the odd splash of neon fits the bill.

Neon says “I don’t take myself too seriously”.  A bit of neon makes you look more tanned  and it always makes me smile. 

I’ve got tons of neon stuff; including a neon yellow jumper, a neon bracelet, a neon clutch bag, a neon bikini, a neon sundress and a neon beach bag.

Research shows me that I’m not the only one who loves a bit of neon. In the 80’s and 90’s neon was huge. Over the years we’ve consistently seen fluoro light-up plastic wands around Bonfire Night and at Fireworks displays. For Spring/Summer 2021, neon colours are back to bring optimism and fun to our wardrobe. This is just what we need after the year we’ve had! The catwalks were awash with punchy pinks, fabulous greens, bold blues, striking yellows and eye-catching oranges. All these fabulous colours will soon be available on the high street for us to spice up our wardrobe this year.

Those of us that may be a bit more conservative can add little splashes to brighten up our outfits. If you have cool tones go for the pinks and blues, if your more on the warm palette have fun with the yellows and oranges.

These colours can mix really well with a neutral wardrobe (that’s the white, black, cream, grey pieces). You can add as much or as little as you like (& dare!). A splash in sandals, collars, accessories, sunglasses, hat rims, sandals is a subtle way of staying on trend. 

There’s tons out there – so my advice is GO FOR IT!

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