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'Self confidence is the best outfit, Rock it and own it!’

I have always loved clothes and appreciated the power of dressing well to feel great. Finding the London College of Style course to train as a Personal Stylist was a lightbulb moment for me. I could become qualified to offer real & helpful advice to the same group of women I have been chatting to about clothes for years. Women just like me.
And maybe you?

Styling Services


“Wow I’m still on a high from my recent wardrobe edit with Abby!
Absolutely fab! Simple, effective and actually so much fun.
She taught me some really clever but very simple styling tips which make the world of difference to how I look and feel. I’m still wearing my trousers and tops, but I’m wearing them slightly differently and I’m now wearing all the clothes in my wardrobe rather than a favoured few!
She left my wardrobe beautifully organised into outfits so I can just grab what I fancy each morning. She immediately followed up with the most amazing visual reminder of what to wear with what, which she suggested I print out and stuck up on to the inside of my wardrobe!”


"Well! That was not only extremely helpful but also good fun. Abby gave me many new and creative ideas and turned, what I thought was a boring wardrobe, into something more stylish and exciting. Mixing colours and styles together which I didn’t even think of. Thank you Abby, you have a natural flare for this."


"After lockdown I needed someone to come and see how I could use my wardrobe to give me that 'funky classy edge' I wanted.
Following a consultation of what my lifestyle was and what look I wanted to achieve, Abby quickly found lots of blouses on my 'top' rail that were not being used, kept for BEST!
Not any more, these were teamed up with jeans, joggers and skirts - utilising things I LOVED but were not used daily. Mixed with white trainers and boots they have given life back to my wardrobe. WIth a few recommendations of new tops - I feel I have a new selection of clothes to wear."


"I have been thinking about having my colours done for so long and finally I took the plunge. It was so worth it. Thanks Abby for making me feel so relaxed and reminding me I can wear colour!! It was so interesting seeing the colours that brought out the best in my skin tone and reminded me that breaking them down really works too. Can’t wait to take my colour fan shopping and brightening up my wardrobe and my life…. Just in time for Summer!!"


"My colour analysis session with Abby was both fun and enlightening. My colouring has changed slightly with age and I had been feeling confused about what colours would suit me but Abby absolutely nailed it with her recommendations and I will now be able to shop with more confidence."


It was a treat to have Abby come round and help me to make my clothes work harder for me. I have ended up with a more streamlined wardrobe and am now more confident that the pieces that I do own suit me and are versatile. I view this as both a short term and long term investment as this will not only make getting dressed quicker and easier every day but will also help me to make better choices going forward

Would thoroughly recommend Abby


Abby has given me a new lease of life at 50. She approached my wardrobe edit with deep professionalism and understanding and gave me the clarity to shop with renewed confidence. She easily recognised my fashion limits and found a style for me that leaves me feeling proud, comfortable and strong. I look at my wardrobe with a completely different perspective now! I can’t recommend Abby highly enough, she is amazing!


An hour with you has been a great investment. Having you change up my way of dressing for me with my clothes has been brilliant. I was expecting to need to buy a whole new wardrobe but in actual fact a few bits and pieces has opened up my existing kit in ways I never thought of. Thank you so much Abby. You’re a genius

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