How to look like you’ve made more effort than you have!

Isn’t it great when your friends say “you look good” and yet you feel you haven’t done anything special/bought anything new.

Want in on the secret? Here are my 5 top tips for apparent effortlessness:

Lose the creases

My steamer is my best friend (ssshh don’t tell the BFF!) so much so that i have 2! (£32.99 on Amazon)  I ALWAYS steam new clothes before I try them on because a crumpled/lined piece never ever looks like it should and I often steam my clothes just before I wear them – just so they look a bit more fresh. Takes 30 seconds and looks like I’ve made loads of effort

Shave your jumpers

Not the razor you use for your legs – but a fabric shaver which keeps knitwear (especially cashmere) looking as new as the day you bought it. I bought my husband a Philips fabric shaver (£15.99 at Philips) and have now probably used it more than him! I can’t tell you what a difference it makes

Watch your step

Scuffed, marked & dirty shoes aren’t great. I regularly put trainers in the washing machine – in the summer they dry quickly outside and in winter they can sit on a radiator for 24 hours to dry. My tip is to chuck them in with your cleaning cloths for a better clean. I also love baby wipes or the magic sponge (£3.99 on Amazon) for getting marks off white leather. And I try to waterproof spray all leather/suede footwear before wearing

Fit is key

When I talk about body shapes (and the fact that knowing your body shape is the key to successful style) I always say that 99% of us don’t fit exactly into one bodyshape box. The same with buying off the shelf – invariably it doesn’t fit perfectly (we are talking hem/sleeve lengths, waist fit etc). Find your local tailor and make friends – she/he will be on speed dial before you know it


When you have your outfit on – now ADD. Make sure you have some #neckmess or #armcandy or an #earparty. If in doubt add something else to FINISH your outfit. It might be a belt- choose a statement buckle or something with coloured or printed, or it might be a scarf or a bag – personally I think a crossbody bag often pulls a look together and metallic goes with everything. Just like our MicheyLoves X Abby Wood stylist Capri bag

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