How to Edit Your Own Wardrobe

You will need an hour or so – make a lovely frothy coffee or pour a glass of vino and head up to your bedroom.

Get everything out – if you have a hanging rail great – if not just on the bed.
Analyse each piece.

  1.  Do you WEAR IT?
  2.  Do you LOVE IT?

If the answer at this point is No and No – create a pile for rehoming!

With what’s left:
3.  Does everything fit?
Things you wear all the time you will probably know.
Things you haven’t worn in a while you will need to try on.

4.  Is everything in good nick?
Any holes, tears, stains etc
Be honest – is the material tired?
Throw what is knackered.
Clean or fix what is dirty/holey.
I have numbers for fabulous tailors.

Now its time to organise your wardrobe.
I recommend slim velvet hangers. They look good and take up less space.
A 30 pack from amazon costs about £17.99

Put things back into your wardrobe in order/sections (dresses, trousers, jeans, blouses, blazers etc)Put the hangers on the rail backwards. THEN when you wear something turn the hanger round.
You will get a good impression after a month or so what you haven’t worn.

At this stage you may well want to go through these hangers and work out whether you want to keep them or not.
This may well be because you don’t know whether they suit/flatter you or how to wear them or what to wear them with.

Up til now I totally believe you can do this yourself – but now is the point that you may need some help.

A Wardrobe Edit – or even a Style Session if there aren’t many hangers back to front – may be just what you need.

We can discuss body shape & style personality – leading into what shapes & styles work best for you. And then work out what you really will/can wear and new ways to style it so that it works (or doesn’t!)

FINALLY – but often most importantly – don’t neglect your Underwear Drawer!!

We often wear bras that are SIZES too big (not small – no one ever wears a too-small bra!) and they aren’t doing their job properly – which is to lift & separate – create more waist/torso area. Our bodies change a lot (& have done over the last 10 years) – so make an appointment at your local lingerie shop and get fitted with a perfectly-fitting & flattering bra or 2.

If you would like to discuss this – and how it might work for you – send me an email to

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